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What Voice Assistants Trained to Understand Atypical Speech Mean to The Future of Work

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As remote collaboration continues to become the new bedrock of digital collaboration, voice-processing technologies are increasingly embedding themselves in the very platforms that organizations depend on for those types of communications. Improving the accuracy of voice-processing technologies by applying lessons learned from adapting to atypical speech will have significant impact across the board. Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard takes a look at what voice assistants trained to understand atypical speech mean to the future of work as well as a dive into some of the projects currently underway.

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Apple Search for Automotive LiDAR Supplier Fuels New Rumors About Project Titan

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Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard on Apple’s search for automotive LiDAR supplier fueling new rumors about Project Titan. While it may make more sense for Apple to stay in its consumer electronics lane, where it could focus on building a first rate Smart Home ecosystem to displace Alphabet and Amazon, and make XR cool enough to displace Microsoft, Oculus (Facebook), and potentially other consumer electronic giants like Samsung, Sony, HTC, and more, the real flex play for Apple this decade, its boldest hard swing for the fences, lies in entering the automotive market to take on Tesla.