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The Storage-as-a-Service Market Heats Up — Pure Storage, IBM, VAST Data, Red Hat and others are Disrupting the Storage Landscape

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Futurum’s Steven Dickens provides his take on the disruption that is occurring in the storage marketplace, as well as recent announcements from IBM and Pure Storage. Steven also covers how traditional supply chains are being transformed through approaches taken by players such as VAST Data, and open source models such as CEPH.

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Cloud FinOps Management: Optimizing Cost Savings in Multi-cloud Environments

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CSPs must prioritize FinOps management in the development of their multi-cloud administration strategies that account for security costs, the capture and development of best practices, and the fulfillment of legal mandates across a multitude of jurisdictions. Futurum’s Ron Westfall assesses why failure is not an option since CSPs must have an optimized multi-cloud strategy in place to meet the security and legal requirements of their customers as well as deploying best practices to assure positive business outcomes as well as how Amdocs offers the Cloud Operations portfolio essential to fulfilling telco-specific FinOps requirements.

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IBM Storage Adds Enhanced Data Protection to FlashSystem Showing a Focus on Security, Ransomware, and Storage

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Futurum’s Steven Dickens provides his analysis of IBM Storage announcements today, which reflect the company’s addition of enhanced data protection to Flash System, showing a focus on security, ransomware, and storage. While the company has some catching up to do, this focus on data protection and a Storage-as-a-Service offering is clearly important to clients and prospects

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ADTRAN Delivers the Right Combo-nation to Energize Worldwide 10G PON Deployments

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ADTRAN’s Combo PON technology is playing an integral role in advancing multi-gigabit broadband adoption across the world including the amassing of over 100 operator deals such as U.S.-based cable operator Armstrong committing to a 10G full-fiber strategy using ADTRAN’s XGS-PON solution. Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why ADTRAN’s Combo PON technology is well-matched for the broadband demands of post-pandemic society and how 10G-capable fiber access networks will ultimately prevail in winning fixed access battles against competing technologies like cable HFC.

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IBM Systems Has A Tough Quarter, But That Is Not The Whole Story

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Futurum Research Senior Analyst, Steven Dickens provides his take on the Q2 2021 results for IBM Systems. The headline results on the surface look troubling for Systems, however given the product life cycles of IBM Z and Power, and tough comparisons against Q2 2020, the business did surprisingly well and shows areas of growth and penetration in the marketplace.