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DoD Partners with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Manufacture Secure Chips

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In a recently announced strategic partnership, the U.S Department of Defense (DoD) will partner with GLOBALFOUNDRIES, one of the world’s leading specialty foundries, to provide a secure and reliable supply of semiconductor solutions that will be manufactured at Fab 8 in Malta, New York., the company’s most advanced manufacturing facility. The DoD’s partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES is both about reliability and security and occurring at a time when there is a global semiconductor shortage and whole industries are feeling the pressure. This move to provide the security needed by the Pentagon for its sensitive military and aerospace needs is part of a concerted effort to on-shore U.S. microelectronics capabilities.

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HPE Raises the Stacks in the Open RAN Realm

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HPE is in a distinct position to upset the competitive balance in the open 5G space, including the Open RAN market segment. Futurum’s Ron Westfall discusses the specifics of the launch of HPE’s Open RAN Solution Stack and the fact that he believes it poses a serious competitive challenge to Open RAN specialists, as well as sets the stage for HPE to duel long-term with the incumbent RAN and mobile infrastructure players in determining the destination of the overall Open 5G ecosystem. Factor in HPE assets such as the formation of HPE CTG, HPE GreenLake/Ezmeral, and HPE 5G Core Stack, HPE is now in a strong position to become a prime influencer across the entire 5G ecosystem.