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Ericsson Digital BSS: Make Cloud Deliver on its Promises in BSS Transformation

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Accelerating cloud adoption for BSS is essential for communication service providers (CSPs) to attain and maintain profitable services. CSPs can ill-afford to lose their influence across digital value chains and their top priority investments in the 5G-IoT ecosystem. Through cloud, CSPs deliver the virtualized, on-demand service delivery platform to ensure the creation of new, profitable services and sustaining innovation through collaboration with ecosystem partners and developers.

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Microsoft’s New Employee Experience Platform, Microsoft Viva, Connects Employee Productivity and Wellness to Smoother Work Experiences

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Could Microsoft Viva’s plan to humanize the workplace be the key to boosting employee productivity, creativity, and retention? Seeing technology now being used to re-humanize the workplace, humanize workflows, and give people rather than systems more agency and initiative, seems to Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard to be a very positive and welcome change in the enterprise. Microsoft’s new Viva employee experience platform certainly appears to be aiming to deliver on that vision.

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Oracle Database 21c: Powering Blockchain and AutoML Innovations

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall walks us through the Oracle Database 21c debut, which further differentiates the company’s converged database proposition, especially in key emerging technology areas such as Immutable Blockchain Tables and AutoML for In-Database ML. The new offering strengthens Oracle’s ability to bolster developer productivity in cultivating new applications and curating applications to fulfill top-priority business objectives.