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6G Technology Will Have a Major Impact on Devices, Materials, and Communications — Here’s What’s Ahead

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6G technology will have a big impact on devices, the market, and on communications in remote areas and beyond and Futurum’s Shelly Kramer takes a quick look at the market and some of the players. While we’re a ways away from the realities of 6G, it’s exciting to think about what’s ahead. It’s also exciting to see many leaders in Big Tech already making progress and getting involved. Some early industry players in the 6G space include Nokia, who heads project Hexa-X, the European Commission’s flagship 6G research initiative, and Ericsson, who will manage the technical aspects of the program. Other partners (today anyway) include Siemens, Intel, Telefonica, TIM, and Orange. 5G’s all the buzz today, but 6G, that’s going to be a whole different ballgame.

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Oracle Hybrid Cloud: New Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure Brings Core to the Edge

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Oracle’s expansion of its Hybrid Cloud Portfolio, especially through the Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure offering, strengthens its overall competitive standing in the public cloud and ruggedized edge server domains. Oracle counters competitive offerings such as HPE’s Edgeline series as well as the AWS Snow Family, bolstering OCI’s ability to sell more into verticals and environments, such as agriculture, energy, mining, and factories, where conditions can be vigorous and tough and network connectivity is limited or lacking. Here’s what Futurum’s Ron Westfall has to say about the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, the key differentiators it provides, and what this move by Oracle compels its rivals to do moving forward.

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Qualcomm’s Upgradable New Snapdragon X65 Modem Promises to Bring 10gbs speeds to 5G phones as Early as this Year

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Qualcomm’s upgradable new Snapdragon X65 modem promises to bring 10gbs speeds to 5G phones as early as this year. Next-gen 5G phones with 10 gigabit per second speeds, all-day battery life, and smart AI-optimized mmWave antennas are coming — and quickly. By delivering not only an upgradeable 10gbs 5G modem but complete RF/RFFE solutions optimized to support global sub-6GHz and mmWave bands, Qualcomm manages yet again to give major OEMs a compelling reason to build their premium and flagship 5G devices around Snapdragon modem-RF systems.