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DISH Goes with IBM AI-Powered Assets to Advance Cloud-Native 5G Network Build

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DISH chooses IBM to help automate its 5G network deployment, particularly in the targeting of Industry 4.0 verticals and use cases. Futurum’s Ron Westfall assesses why DISH’s selection of IBM’s AI-powered automation and network orchestration capabilities provides the essential capabilities needed to push its cloud-native 5G network deployment forward and boosts the Cloud Pak for Network Automation proposition across the 5G ecosystem, especially among operators.

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MicroAI Debuts to Advance AI Edge Technology Across the Digital Ecosystem

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MircoAI debuts as the rebrand of One Tech, fueled by the mission to deliver personalized AI across edge endpoints using its edge-native AI technology that embeds ML into connected endpoints. Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why the overall MicroAI proposition, including MicroAI AtomML technology and new go-to-market products, can drive ecosystem-wide innovation of device-specific, personalized AI models that can advance predicted maintenance, IoT edge AI, endpoint device security capabilities as well as provide operational excellence for industrial manufacturing and processing applications.

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IBM Launches New Telum Processor

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IBM announces the upcoming new IBM Telum Processor. Telum is IBM’s first processor that contains on-chip acceleration for AI inferencing. Futurum’s Daniel Newman discusses this new on-chip hardware acceleration. It’s designed to help customers achieve business insights at scale across banking, finance, trading, insurance applications and customer interactions.

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C3 AI Snowflake Partnership Aimed at Delivering Next Gen Enterprise AI Apps at Scale — and Expanding Market Presence

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The C3 AI Snowflake partnership is another example of founder and CEO Tom Siebold doing exactly what he said he would do: expand his company’s market presence by way of partnerships. Futurum analyst Shelly Kramer breaks down the details of the C3 AI Snowflake partnership, why it’s a huge win for Snowflake customers, and why smart, strategic partnerships are the path forward.