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C3 AI Snowflake Partnership Aimed at Delivering Next Gen Enterprise AI Apps at Scale — and Expanding Market Presence

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The C3 AI Snowflake partnership is another example of founder and CEO Tom Siebold doing exactly what he said he would do: expand his company’s market presence by way of partnerships. Futurum analyst Shelly Kramer breaks down the details of the C3 AI Snowflake partnership, why it’s a huge win for Snowflake customers, and why smart, strategic partnerships are the path forward.

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U.S. Government Launches National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force

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The U.S. Government’s launch of the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Task Force is an effort to help improve U.S. competitiveness in the AI research race, which many have referred to as the next iteration of an “arms race” or “space race” between superpowers. Here’s a look by Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard on why that’s better late than never, but sooner would’ve been better.

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C3 AI Gains Momentum and Increases Competitiveness with Model-Driven Approach to AI

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Futurum’s Daniel Newman and Fred McClimans take a look at the success of C3 AI and explore why the firm is a strong competitor in both the government/defense and commercial sectors. The company’s unique and differentiated approach to the challenge of managing and gaining insights from massive amounts of enterprise data is the difference between a data-first and an AI-first approach (and a key differentiator between C3 AI and Palantir).

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NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G Ecosystem kicks off at NVIDIA GTC 2021, Designed to Turbo Boost 5G Vertical Use Cases

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NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G addresses expanding 5G ecosystem demand for collaboration in offering 5G-enabled AI to industry verticals. Futurum’s Ron Westfall appraises NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G collaboration initiative and why it bolsters NVIDIA’s ability to target verticals across the mobile ecosystem by expanding 5G and AI monetization opportunities for CSPs and partners, as well as why NVIDIA needs to counter Intel more directly in the AI meets 5G realm.