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FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres Ready to Power ISV Fulfillment of Container-driven Software Modernization Journey

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Organizations are accelerating the containerization and modernization of their hybrid clouds to attain the deep insights, expanded agility through portability, pre-enabled security, high availability, and open platform capabilities. Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why the FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres proposition fulfills the portability, security, and speed requirements critical to enabling ISVs to take advantage of the design once, deploy many implementation principles that fulfills their customer’s containerization and multi-cloud requirements with sizable cost savings.

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Amazon Announces Career Day, a Massive Recruiting Event — Seeking to Fill 40K+ Corporate and Tech Jobs in the U.S.

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Futurum analysts Daniel Newman and Shelly Kramer cover Amazon Career Day, a massive recruiting event designed to offer job opportunities, career coaching and mentoring, and coding training to both current employees and new job seekers. In what the company bills as the largest recruiting event ever, the company seeks to fill some 40K corporate and tech jobs at some 220+ locations throughout the U.S. and an additional 15K plus positions worldwide. More information on the September 15th event, including how to participate, is provided.

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Fiber Connect 2021: DZS Enlightens the Edge with DZS Helix Edge Access Portfolio Launch

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DZS launched the DZS Helix Edge Access portfolio that showcase carrier-grade edge access solutions ready to leverage DZS Cloud Service Management Intelligence and Orchestration to deliver an augmented broadband experience and improved operational efficiencies. Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why the Helix Edge Access portfolio strengthens the overall competitiveness of DZS, especially in competing against major rivals ADTRAN and Calix, and the key role DZS Cloud can play in shepherding CSP migration toward software-centric networks and powering adoption of intelligent edge capabilities.