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Benu Networks’ cnBNG Solution Provides Operators OpenShift Relief

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Benu Networks debuts it cloud-native Broadband Network Gateway (cnBNG) using the Red Hat OpenShift K8 container platform, as well as disaggregated routing techniques to ease operator delivery of broadband and 5G edge services and swiftly augment user experiences. Futurum’s Ron Westfall delves into the competitive benefits of the new Benu cnBNG solution and why it bolsters Benu’s cloud-native and 5G ecosystem credentials, especially in hybrid/multi-cloud environments and the service edge, as well as the market potential for advancing broadband provider edge service innovation.

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ServiceNow Intellibot Acquisition Another Step Forward in the RPA Arena — and an Exciting One

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The ServiceNow Intellibot acquisition is another step forward in the RPA arena. Futurum’s Shelly Kramer takes a look at an acquisition that makes the already impressive digital workflow platform even more well-positioned for success — for customers all over the world, including the fast-growing Indian market, which is a strategic move for ServiceNow.

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Sevis Systems’ Trusted Caller ID Solution Aims to Restore Enterprise Control Over Broken Mobile Caller ID Experiences

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Sevis Systems’ Trusted Caller ID solution aims to restore enterprise control over broken mobile caller ID experiences. Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard walks through Sevis’ Systems new offering and its value proposition of helping enterprises not only achieve significant operating cost savings within their contact centers, but also potentially deliver better customer experiences.

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Cisco’s New Edge WAN Platform Flexibly Provides Cloud Assurances to Organizations

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The new Catalyst 8000 Edge Platforms strengthen Cisco’s overall WAN edge proposition, including its competitiveness in the SD-WAN and the emerging SASE segments. Due to the timeliness of the launch, Cisco has an immediate portfolio response to Juniper’s auspicious $450 million acquisition of 128 Technology. Now all of Cisco’s rivals will need to directly counter the Catalyst 8000 Edge Platform’s ability to provide application and network visibility as well as secure connectivity to applications across the continuum of cloud, data center, and edge in WAN environments or risk losing ground in the SD-WAN and SASE realms.