Latest Enhancements to Zoom IQ for Sales Give Sales Teams the Intelligence They Need to Close Deals

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The News: Zoom IQ for Sales provides valuable intelligence to companies, through the analysis of phone calls and data, as well as the transcription and review of sales conversations. But with the recent addition of data from Zoom Phone and Microsoft Dynamics 365, it’s better positioned to help sales teams refine their pitches and close deals. For more on the new features, see the Zoom blog.

Latest Enhancements to Zoom IQ for Sales Give Sales Teams the Intelligence They Need to Close Deals

Analyst Take: Even though many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, video conferences and phone calls remain powerful tools to help companies reach new customers and connect with existing ones. That’s pretty much a no-brainer, right? And that’s why the latest enhancements to Zoom IQ for Sales got my attention, as these updates to the platform allows sales teams to use Zoom IT for Sales on Zoom Phone, so that it benefits them whether they are connecting with customers by phone or by video. Zoom IQ for Sales also features AI powered conference intelligence that allows users to see data and get insights from calls or video meetings that will allow them to fine tune their pitches and sales strategies. Whether you’re a sales pro or a sales manager, tools, technology, and data that can help sales teams be more effective at pitching and closing deals are all high priorities in my book.

About that data. The metrics that are analyzed by Zoom IQ for Sales include but aren’t limited to customer responses to user questions, the actual length of engagement on the video conferences and phone calls, and the number of calls-to-action or “next steps.” These detailed insights can then be used post customer engagement to inform management decisions moving forward.

I was glad to see Zoom’s native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 — that’s a game changer for a lot of sales admins and it’s a smart move on Zoom’s part. Zoom IQ for Sales already functions with Salesforce’s CRM and adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes it an easy choice for the many sales teams using the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The integration enables users to take data from the CRM software and merge it with the information from both video conferences and phone calls to help sales teams understand context.

Why Zoom IQ for Sales?

Better intelligence leads to better crafted sales pitches, a better experience by the prospect, and more effective, more successful sales teams. I like Zoom IQ for Sales because it’s designed to help salespeople become more effective. Some of the benefits of the offering include:

  1. Provides personalized feedback: With the insights gained from the analysis of the conferences and now, with the addition of phone calls, executive teams can have better insight into the sales team’s performance, see what’s working and what’s not, and more readily identify areas that need improvement.
  2. Helps facilitate evidence-based decisions: Companies can use Zoom IQ for Sales’ comprehensive interpretation of the data to help them more clearly decide where to (and where not to) aim their efforts and allocate budget dollars.
  3. Enhances seller productivity: Utilizing Zoom IQ for Sales features like automation and quick search functionality, for example, customers are afforded a better experience, and sales teams can spend their time on tasks that matter most and maximize their expertise. That’s a win-win for companies, their sales teams, and their customers.

The benefits of Zoom IQ for Sales’ conversational AI analysis for sales teams are pretty clear. But it’s important for companies like Zoom to be aware of the possible limitations, particularly in understanding data from non-native language speakers or people from other cultures, as well as people with disabilities.

As we see companies continue with a steady reliance on video conferencing and phone services, even as many have returned to more in-person interactions, it makes sense that Zoom is broadening their product portfolio with a now enhanced Zoom IQ for Sales, and attempting to differentiate themselves from other platforms by providing this type of sales-related intelligence. I look forward to watching this particular product offering continue to evolve.

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