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Cisco Nexus 400G: Delivering Ecosystem-wide Data Center Networking Innovation

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Futurum’s Daniel Newman and Ron Westfall join the Cisco Insider Network podcast to explore and analyze the capabilities and competitive benefits of the Cisco Nexus 400G solution and how it bolsters Cisco’s overall data center networking proposition, particularly in emerging 400G data center environments, as well as Cisco’s competitive edge in meeting customer data center 400G demands.

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ServiceNow Intellibot Acquisition Another Step Forward in the RPA Arena — and an Exciting One

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The ServiceNow Intellibot acquisition is another step forward in the RPA arena. Futurum’s Shelly Kramer takes a look at an acquisition that makes the already impressive digital workflow platform even more well-positioned for success — for customers all over the world, including the fast-growing Indian market, which is a strategic move for ServiceNow.

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What Voice Assistants Trained to Understand Atypical Speech Mean to The Future of Work

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As remote collaboration continues to become the new bedrock of digital collaboration, voice-processing technologies are increasingly embedding themselves in the very platforms that organizations depend on for those types of communications. Improving the accuracy of voice-processing technologies by applying lessons learned from adapting to atypical speech will have significant impact across the board. Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard takes a look at what voice assistants trained to understand atypical speech mean to the future of work as well as a dive into some of the projects currently underway.

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SAP SuccessFactors Users Reap Big Benefits from Axonify for Improved Efficacy of Frontline Employee Training Programs

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Employee training is a critical part of any workplace with many organizations turning to SAP SuccessFactors Learning to boost employee skills. Axonify, a learning solution integration that is built specifically for frontline employees will take an organization’s SAP SuccessFactors investment to the next level.