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NVIDIA’s DRIVE Platform to Power Hyundai’s Newly Launched Connected Car OS Across Entire Fleet

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Hyundai Motor Group recently announced that NVIDIA’s DRIVE Platform will power Hyundai’s newly launched connected car operating system (ccOS) across its entire fleet. That is great news for the industry as a whole with an eye on safety, convenience, and vehicles that become smarter over time, and a huge win for consumers.

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Cisco Silicon One Becomes One Essential Value Proposition for CSPs and Web Scale Data Centers

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Cisco Silicon One is fundamentally enabling Cisco to differentiate its silicon and networking portfolio in an agile way that gives organizations greater flexibility in purchasing Cisco solutions as well as adopting new business models. Cisco’s main rivals will prove hard-pressed to directly counter its six new Silicon One devices, all delivered in less than a year, executing on its strategic commitment to accelerate expansion of the Silicon One portfolio.

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FedEx New SenseAware ID Tracking System Arrives Just in Time for COVID Relief

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From an engineering standpoint, selecting the solution with the lowest power consumption and the smallest possible network footprint makes perfect sense, not just for Fedex but also for carriers, for whom bandwidth can often be a challenge. SenseAware ID should be able to provide the high level of value-add tracking that FedEx customers will find valuable while not monopolizing precious network resources.