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Lego and Epic Games Are Taking the Metaverse to Children by Co-Building Immersive Digital Play Space for Kids – Is This a Move to Entice Grown-ups to Follow?

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Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss dives into the news that Lego and Fortnite’s Epic Games are collaborating with the aim of creating a safe and fun metaverse experience targeted to children. Weiss explores the possibility that this move is perhaps a tempting carrot to later bring adults into the cloudy metaverse mix, along with a look what other brands are doing as we navigate the nascent stages of the metaverse and what’s ahead.

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Qualcomm’s New WiFi Dual Station Solution Brings Ethernet-Like Latency via WiFi to Windows 11 PCs

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Futurum Senior Analyst Olivier Blanchard explains how Qualcomm’s clever new WiFi Dual Station solution, coupled with Qualcomm FastConnect 4-stream Dual Band Simultaneous, brings ethernet-like reliability and latency to wireless gaming and video of Windows 11 PCs. Also discussed are the importance of Windows 11 native support to the solution’s broad industry adoption, as evidenced by Acer, AMD, Lenovo, Microsoft, Snapdragon Compute Platforms and Valve already moving to integrate it into their product ecosystems.

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Microsoft and Discord — Could a Discord Acquisition Bring Harmony to Microsoft?

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Microsoft and Discord are rumored be discussing a potential acquisition with a price tag in the $10 billion range. Futurum’s Fred McClimans discusses the dynamics of this potential deal, why it may be a better option than an IPO for Discord, and how the combination could significantly boost Microsoft’s reach into the non-Microsoft gaming community.

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Amazon Luna Launches, The Rise of Cloud Gaming — and What That Means for the Future

In Cloud by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Luna, the company’s new cloud gaming service. With a play anywhere offering, on devices you already own, there’s every reason to expect Amazon Luna’s invitation for early access will be eagerly snapped up. One of my favorite things about this offering is the Twitch integration that’s purportedly coming to Luna, allowing gamers to broadcast while gaming. This integration will also allow Twitch viewers (who subscribe to Luna) to go from watching a game streaming on Twitch to playing on Luna. Microsoft xCloud, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and Google Stadia are all officially on notice that there’s a new player in the cloud gaming space in town.