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IBM’s New RoboRXN Chemistry Lab Runs on AI, Cloud and Robotics

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IBM’s new RoboRXN chemistry lab allows scientists to create new molecules while working remotely using robots, cloud, and AI. The platform accelerates the synthesis process and highlights discovery, which is not only a great boost to the field of chemistry, it’s also an example of innovation and agility we’ll likely see much more of. Most of us think of work as being in an office setting, but the RoboRXN platform reminds us that work can take place in a laboratory, a factory, on a farm, or on a construction site — and technology can play a big role in all those settings.

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AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Braket Quantum Computing Tool

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AWS announced last week the general availability of Amazon Braket, its new quantum computing tool. Braket is a fully-managed AWS service that Amazon markets as a service that will spur innovation across the entire quantum community, allowing developers, researchers, and scientists to experiment with computers from quantum hardware providers, while only paying for compute services used. With companies like Fidelity, VW and University of Waterloo already using the tool, Braket is now generally available in the US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), and US West (Oregon) AWS Regions.

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REvil Ransomware Breach Targets Jack Daniel’s Parent Brown-Forman — Steals 1 TB of Data

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The REvil ransomware cyber gang claims to have attacked Brown-Forman, the owner of Jack Daniel’s and other popular liquor brands. The sophisticated ransomware gang claims to be holding 1TB of Brown-Forman corporate data for ransom, including employee information, pledging to leak the data in batches if the company does not respond to its demands. Brown-Forman has released few details about the attack, and claims “There are no active negotiations.”