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Pega’s Everflow Acquisition Brings Intuitive Process Mining to Hyperautomation Solutions

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Futurum’s principal analyst Shelly Kramer covers the news out of Pegaworld iNspire 2022 event around Pega’s acquisition of process mining software company Everflow. This is a potent combination of capabilities that has the potential to create a truly complete hyperautomation solution for enterprises seeking to streamline and optimize their processes.

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Automation Anywhere, Google Cloud Partner to Expand RPA Use in the Enterprise

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Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud have announced a partnership designed to expand RPA use in the enterprise. Futurum’s Shelly Kramer explores the partnership, its benefits, and the fact that RPA is, without question, a foundational part of digital transformation. That’s exactly the reason we are seeing much movement in the industry as a whole, especially among Big Tech.

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Why Business Agility Matters in the Digital Transformation

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the digital transformation is all about agility. Business agility, leadership agility, employee agility—in a world where technology is changing at breakneck speed, we need to be agile enough to change along with it. Those that aren’t will undoubtedly fall by the wayside. I was lucky enough to participate in #AgileChat with …

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The Heart of Digital Transformation: The Customer

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For every company (and CMO) focused on digital transformation, the fact that it’s all about the customer seems like a no-brainer. Yet the reality is that many companies are still woefully far from not only executing on that concept, but actually getting it. Even more of a reality—it’s out of their hands. Think of it this way–companies don’t get to …