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NVIDIA Innovations, Enhancements in NVIDIA Omniverse, Digital Twins and Industrial Robotics Technologies Are Driving New Possibilities for Enterprises

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Futurum Research analyst Todd R. Weiss takes an in-depth look at NVIDIA’s GTC 2022 news, including the company’s bold enhancements to its Omniverse simulation and modeling platform, its digital twin capabilities, and its industrial robotics products and services showing the continual out-of-the box thinking that we’ve become accustomed to seeing from NVIDIA’s developers, engineers, and innovators.

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Nokia Smartens Up Mobile Site Design with Digital Twin Technology

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Nokia showcases how application of digital twin technology, in combination with AI/ML engines, can streamlines 5G site deployments. Futurum’s Ron Westfall explore how Nokia’s application of digital twin technology to intelligent site engineering counters the digital twinning moves of key mobile networking rivals Huawei and Ericsson as well as a potential alliance with NVIDIA can further strengthen its mobile and digital twin ecosystem credentials.

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4 Ways Simulation is Improving Product Development

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Growing up, one of my friend’s parents was a structural engineer. I can still remember him laboring away at his desk, measuring and calculating any number of design options to determine which was the safest for his product development. When CAD was developed, it felt like a God-send. None of us would have guessed the industry could get more advanced …