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AWS EC2 X2gd Instances Powered Using Home-Grown Graviton2 Processors

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AWS has announced general availability of EC2 X2gd instances of its cloud computing offering. Futurum’s Fred McClimans discusses the importance of this new offering and how it plays into the growing demand for memory-intensive workloads, such as real-time data analytics. In short, it means very good things for AWS customers. It increases the performance and cuts the cost of cloud computing for workloads such as in-memory databases, relational databases, and our favorite, real-time data analytics. This, coupled with AWS’s scalable, pay-as-you-go consumption model, is exactly what is needed today.

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Go Beyond Google Analytics and Use Data to Educate Your Clients

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Numbers and data are no longer a daunting task — they’ve now become an integral part of a company’s operations. The issue is most companies are only given the basic facts of their data without the what’s, how’s, and why’s that are driving the data analytics. Jaywing, a British data-based digital agency, found that brands across the board are failing …

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#SMACtalk 80: The Failures and Successes of Enterprise Software with Pega CEO Alan Trefler

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In this week’s episode of SMACtalk, hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman had the opportunity to speak with Pega CEO, Alan Trefler. Known for his “Pull no punches” approach to business, Alan makes for the perfect “SMAC” guest because he’s going to take questions head on and leave the audience wanting more. At Pegaworld, we found out that Mr. Trefler isn’t only the CEO at Pega, he is also a chess master …

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Making Data-Backed Decisions

In Big Data by Daniel Newman1 Comment

It used to be that the best people in business seemed to have a gut instinct about the perfect deal. It was like magic, leaving all of us to wonder how we could sprinkle the same fairy dust on our own projects to be similarly successful. Fast forward a couple decades, and gut instincts are being replaced by hard data. …