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The Time for Data-Driven HR Is Now

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For decades, HR has lived by the adage, “Go with your gut”—trusting our instincts when it came to hiring decisions, recruiting, selecting perks and benefits, and even completing employee assessments. But today’s technology brings us something far more reliable on which to base the future of your company and the management of its most valuable resource: Big data. Data-driven HR …

What Does a Disruptive CIO Look Like in the Age of Digital Transformation?

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To say that the role of a CIO (chief information officer) has become more complicated and challenging today is an understatement, to say the least. Everything in our business space is changing at a mind-boggling speed. Organizations are embracing more agile and nimble business practices. The combined forces of cloud, mobile, big data, analytics, and IoT—as well as many other …

CMOs are embracing big data, which is good (mostly)

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For a long time, CMOs and their teams have driven their strategies around gut feelings, creating campaigns with objectives that were often unmeasurable beyond studies and field research largely done after the fact, along with sales data. Then big data entered the picture and turned everything on its head. Now, we’re seeing more and more CMOs adopting the use of big data …

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The Role of Company Culture in Technology Integration Success! #SMACtalk Ep 28

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Brian and Dan attempt to change the current technology discussion from what’s the best technology solutions available to, what technology is my company using today and what solutions best fit in my company culture.  The goal for businesses embracing technology must be around implementing the best tools and solutions to empower our employees to be most productive when solving business …

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Mobile’s Impact on “Human to Human” Communication w/ @BryanKramer #SMACtalk Ep 27

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Brian and Dan welcome special guest co-host Bryan Kramer, CEO of PureMatter Social Agency and author of “Human to Human: #H2H” as they discuss the mobile impact on the concept of “Human to Human” in business relationships and social marketing. Listen to SMACtalk on iTunes here! In this episode, Brian and Daniel along with guest co-host Bryan Kramer get into …

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When Big Data Causes Big Problems #SMACtalk Ep 26

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We all know that Big Data is a hot topic. As businesses and consumers we are constantly witnessing how data can be used to better understand our customers, our operations and of course our own buying behavior.  However, big data in all of its glory isn’t always so perfect. What happens when we let data become a mere support structure …

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Live from #SXSW: How Social Intelligence Empowers Digital Business Decisions! #SMACtalk Ep 23

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Brian Hosts Solo from SXSW as Daniel is on the road doing a keynote presentation. Joining Brian live from SXSW is Eric Swayne who is the VP of Product & Marketing at MutualMind, Co-Founder of DrawAttention. The underlying theme of SXSW other than Meerkat was without question was the role data plays in businesses today that are focused on creating …

From Smartwatches to Smart Enterprises! Live from #MWC15 #SMACtalk Ep 20

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On this episode of SMACtalk I (Co-host @iSocialFanz) geek out about wearable tech specifically the smart watches and Daniel (@DanielNewmanUv) weighs in as a proud watch collector but not fully sold on the smartwatch options.  Not only could Daniel’s mind be changing but with the most recent Pebble, LG & Huawei watch announcements, the continued development of Android Wear and …