Digital Transformation and Change Agents the Non Meerkat Themes of SXSW SMACtalk Live EP 22

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On this episode of smack talk Live Daniel and Brian discuss what Brian saw as the most important topics and trends at SXSW this week.

Beyond the ever popular Meerkat app which the smack talk team was using to give behind the scenes views of this episode the biggest takeaways in Brian’s mind were the importance of being a digital business and having a digital front door while understanding the importance of data and also what the future of the change agent looked like and a link between the change agent and companies that have a digital philosophy.

Daniel discusses some of his recent feedback and questions and concerns that he still hears about people not understanding what it means to be a social business.  This is a great example of how companies that don’t understand new technology and haven’t been bIMG_2151uilt or transformed their culture to embrace digital struggle to keep up with change.

They discuss the idea of ROI in the importance of leaders today especially those who are change agents in linking Data to business success metrics to prove the value of what is trying to be changed. Brian brings up a great example in the app Meerkat as the app came to the market one week prior to SXSW events but because she was listening and embrace this new technology he was able to create a strategy that included targeted data and get a sponsor to jump on board and seeing the value of this less than two-week old app.

So the future of the change agent might be linked to digital culture and digital front door that is a foundation built on data but before we get that far we must teach and embrace what a change agent is and no not every millennial is a change agent.

The takeaway for this episode has to be that in order to embrace digital components such as social media mobility big data and analytics and cloud computing the business first must focus on creating a culture and philosophy that is built around change.  SoIMG_2182 no not every brand should be on snapchat or be Meerkatting all day every day but if you as a leader or if a business does not know what you’re Meerkat is because they have no video strategy they would’ve never been able to embrace this new technology and the speed required to provide value.

In order to react in this real-time culture, at the right time, you must have a philosophy and strategy that embraces change, empowers those who are leading change and encourages employees to fail fast.

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