Live from #SXSW: How Social Intelligence Empowers Digital Business Decisions! #SMACtalk Ep 23

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Brian Hosts Solo from SXSW as Daniel is on the road doing a keynote presentation. Joining Brian live from SXSW is Eric Swayne who is the VP of Product & Marketing at MutualMind, Co-Founder of DrawAttention.

The underlying theme of SXSW other than Meerkat was without question was the role data plays in businesses today that are focused on creating a “Digital Front door.”  What is a digital front door and how do tools like Mutual Mind, that focus on social intelligence, impact business decisions of today and the future of work.  Tune into Episode 23 of SMACtalk Live!

Brian and Eric discuss a range of topics including:

  • Social IntelligenceScreen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.35.15 PM
  • Validation of Social Media Data
  • Digital’s Role Beyond Marketing
  • Digital Front Door and What It Means for Businesses
  • Big Data vs Strategic Data with Context
  • Importance of creating a digital strategy that embrace data
  • Meerkat mobile app, an example of the rate of change
  • Visualization of Social Intelligence on the IBM Big Board at Jimmy Kimmel
  • Importance of Engagement Data
  • Real Time Listening + Data = Right Time Engagement
  • DrawAttention White Board Startup for your Laptop

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Mutual Mind on Twitter at @MutualMind

DrawAttention on Twitter at: @drawattentionco

As always we are grateful to be able to share our insights and views with you the listener, and welcome feedback, suggestions and open conversation at all times using the hashtag #SMACtalk.

This episode is sponsored by IBM to help companies envision a #NewWayToWork.  IBM Verse, their new revolutionary social & email solution, can free up time for you to focus on this by calming your email.

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