Why Offline Events Must Create Online Digital Experiences #SMACtalk EP 24

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2015 has been an exciting year for the hosts as of SMACtalk Live as Daniel Newman and Brian Fanzo have the opportunity to travel the world speaking at numerous events as well as attending as influencers.  This isn’t news to many of our listeners as we’ve been doing our best to broadcast live from the event, live tweet keynotes, blog about our experiences and even meerkat and periscope these events to hopefully add value to your digital community.  With all these events the biggest disappointment has been the lack of focus event professionals and attendee’s have when it comes to creating a mobile event app, connecting with the digital community as well as leveraging the offline data to build a 365 day community beyond the live event.  Not all events that we have attended this year are bad at this but few have a complete solution.  On episode 24 of SMACtalk Live we explain…

Why Offline Events Must Create Online Digital Experiences!

Show Notes:

  • Why do most event apps suck?
    • Lack of Social Integration
    • Does the app, conversations and data within an event app die after the event? If so why would anyone take the time to input data in these apps?
    • Are these apps being created by brands or event professionals
  • Are Business Cards Still valuable?Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.22.20 PM
    • Are you not professional if you don’t have a business card?
    • Event at a social media event business cards were still being shared, if those at Social Media Marketing World aren’t eliminating business cards will they always be a requirement when engaging at offline events?
  • Connecting on Social vs Sharing Business Card or Email Address
    • Brian explains that when someone connects with him on social and follows him on twitter it allows Brian the opportunity to tell his story and improve engagement and create conversations rather than a business card which is hard to standout or not have it thrown away!
    • Brian shared how he used the InigoApp.com  to share out his card with the event hashtag.  (See Picture to the right of his card)
    • Daniel asks why didn’t the “Bump” or card scanning technology not take off for events?
    • How do we get this offline data and information into social CRM systems like Nimble or Pipeliner CRM>
  • It takes too much work to input offline data online today…. It’s time events and technology made this easier.
    • Brian explains how Jason Miller of Linkedin explained, on the Social Business Hour Twitter Hangout show, how one offline conversation ended up building into a partnership and business relationships that has lasted for years!
    • Collaboration and open communication are essential to building online relationships, offline this collaboration and communication is just as valuable but today is very hard to document and continue the conversation today. IMG_2915
    • The data beyond just the hashtag being used on social media could be of huge value for event professionals, sponsors of events and speakers of events but is that data being captured and offered in a consumable way today?
    • Brian explains how he uses SpiderQube tool to use the hashtag data of an event to better understand his community and run analytics around who is missing or not already connected to his audience.
  • Offline value can’t be underestimated even for millennials and those that work from home.
    • No live streaming or hashtag monitoring can replace the conversations and hugs that happen offline at events.
    • No Periscope or Meerkat app will prevent someone from attending a live event but it will give many a digital experience and sneak peek into what the event is all about and possibility having them want to attend the next event.
    • SMMW Mike Stelzner spoke to Brian about Meerkat and wasn’t as worried about people live streaming the event but more so around the affect the live streaming apps will have on the wi-fi network.  At this event Brian and others at the event used their cellular network to use these apps in respect to the WiFi network.  Will attendees that don’t respect and understand the importance of social do the same? Time will tell.
    • Brian explains how Joe Pulizzi sharing the live stream of the 2014 Content Marketing World Event keynote where he recapped the event prior to Kevan Spacey’s keynote was the motivation for putting that event on his calendar on 2015. (CMworld 2015 is Sept 8-11)
  • Don’t mistake it Millennials CRAVE offline engagement
    • Brian quoted how passionate friend and mentor Ted Rubin is about relationships and remembering that millennials are just people and they value offline relationships the same as everyone else!
    • As discussed in a past episode of SMACtalk Live  the myth about millennials loving flexibility and digital conversations because they don’t value offline face to face conversation is false

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.03.51 PMDaniel explains why..

Digital must transcend the event and the hashtag and community must live on!

  • Community takes 365 days of engagement and events must embrace and empower this!
    • Brian talks about Social Fresh events run by Jason Keath and how they embrace community and have a podcast and blog that really engages and connects with the community year-round not just at the event.  (2015 event is Sept 23-25)
    • Quality events are embracing the digital communities and those are ones like SMMW that celebrate and highlight the fact they have “Alumni” and tight communities that really make the event valuable for the attendees and sponsors!
    • David Meerman Scott Posts mentioned in this show about selfies and the power of live streaming as a presenter.

At the end of the day it’s about….

Connecting Great People, with Great People, To Do Great Things! – @iSocialFanz

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.45.43 AMThis episode is sponsored by IBM to help companies envision a #NewWayToWork.  IBM Verse, their new revolutionary social & email solution, can free up time for you to focus on this by calming your email. Sign Up Today at: IBM.com/Verse


As always we are grateful to be able to share our insights and views with you the listener, and welcome feedback, suggestions and open conversation at all times using the hashtag #SMACtalk.


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