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MATRIXX Software and AWS Roll Out Digital Transformation Assessments to Spur 5G Monetization

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MATRIXX Software, expanding its collaboration with AWS, makes a compelling bid to gain early mindshare in driving the rapidly unfolding CSP, supplier, public cloud collaboration frameworks within emerging 5G environments. Here’s what I think is ahead as it relates to MATRIXX’s next moves as well as the competitive landscape and what to expect on that front.

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Meeting HPC Challenges is a Real Issue in Global Health Crisis

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Meeting HPC challenges is a real issue in global health crisis environments. Service providers are encountering HPC-based challenges due to factors such as the expansion of interworking with enterprise HPC platforms and exploring how they can optimize their own HPC investments and builds. Here’s a deeper look at why these HPC adoption challenges matter to the digital ecosystem, including the very real need to rapidly accelerate digital responses to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

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3 Simple Digital Transformation Principles That Will Help Your Business Adapt to the Coronavirus Crisis

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Our team has more than a little experience when comes to digital transformation, so we thought it might be helpful to put together this outline of three simple digital transformation principles that will help executives, your leadership team, and your businesses adapt to the coronavirus crisis.