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Google Offices and Data Centers in the U.S. Share $9.5B in New Spending in 2022 as Google Expands Services and Pushes to Reach Carbon-Free Energy Usage Goals by 2030

In Sustainability by Todd R. WeissLeave a Comment

Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss looks at Google’s plan to spend $9.5B in 2022 to improve Google offices and data centers even as many employees still work from home, and to deploy critical facilities upgrades aimed at helping Google reach its corporate carbon-free energy use goals by 2030.

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Nerdio Announces New Integrations with Microsoft Windows 365, Aimed at Making Remote Work Easier

In Future of Work, Technology by Steven DickensLeave a Comment

Futurum Research Senior Analyst, Steven Dickens provides his take on developments coming out of VDI vendor Nerdio. As remote work accelerates the need for increased deployment of remote desktops, VDI has exploded. Nerdio is hyper focused on the issues around the deployment of VDI architectures either within MSP’s looking to service the SMB marketplace or large enterprises looking to manage their desktop fleet.

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Microsoft’s Rebranded Azure Virtual Desktop: The Future of Work is Hybrid

In Future of Work by Fred McClimansLeave a Comment

Microsoft has announced the rebranding of its Windows Virtual Desktop to Azure Virtual Desktop. Futurum Research analyst Fred McClimans dives into the reason behind this rebranding and how it reflects the new post-pandemic hybrid physical/virtual work model while also offering a new SaaS-based revenue stream for third-party application developers.

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T-Mobile WFX Unlimited 5G Plans Take on Verizon and AT&T in The Enterprise

In Mobility by Olivier BlanchardLeave a Comment

With the launch of T-Mobile WFX unlimited 5G plans, it’s clear that T-Mobile is taking on Verizon and AT&T in the enterprise. Futurum’s Olivier Blanchard walks through the T-Mobile offering and T-Mobile’s clear move to take this opportunity to reduce friction and provide businesses with a relatively pain-free alternative and an enterprise-grade unlimited data plan.

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How Coronavirus COVID-19 is Driving Change in HR Operations

In Future of Work by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

Coronavirus COVID-19 is in many ways accelerating changes in the way we work that have already been happening. For HR leaders, coronavirus COVID-19 is driving significant change in HR operations that comes with its own set of challenges. HR ops has always been a gigantic responsibility within an organization, and we take a look here at how that responsibility has gotten even more critical.