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SUSE Announces Q3 Earnings and Updates on Rancher Growth

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Futurum analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on the recently announced Q3 earnings from SUSE. With SUSE having recently acquired Rancher Labs and IPO’ing the business in May, this second set of numbers was crucial to demonstrate execution and growth and the company delivered. SUSE showed strong growth and positive signals across all areas of the business, including Cloud adoption and launched new solutions and even hinted at acquisitions in the near-term future.

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SAP Cyberattack Currently Underway Exploits Known Security Vulnerabilities

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In this article about the SAP cyberattack that is currently underway and actively exploiting known security vulnerabilities, Futurum’s Shelly Kramer provides details on the attack, those most at risk, and provides guidance for CISOs and their teams (and business leaders) to protect their organizations right now from these active cyberattacks on mission-critical SAP applications.

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Automation Anywhere, Google Cloud Partner to Expand RPA Use in the Enterprise

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Automation Anywhere and Google Cloud have announced a partnership designed to expand RPA use in the enterprise. Futurum’s Shelly Kramer explores the partnership, its benefits, and the fact that RPA is, without question, a foundational part of digital transformation. That’s exactly the reason we are seeing much movement in the industry as a whole, especially among Big Tech.

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SAP Capgemini Deal Boosts SAP’s Contingent Workforce Management Proposition

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The SAP Capgemini deal boosts SAP’s contingent workforce management proposition, expanding awareness of SAP Fieldglass. Futurum’s Ron Westfall covers the contingent workforce management market segment, what’s ahead, and how this move improves SAP’s competitive position to directly challenge its major workforce rivals by meeting the burgeoning demands of major clients, such as Capgemini. With this win, SAP fortifies its competitive standing in fulfilling the burgeoning distributed workforce demands of workforce, especially including unique contingent workforce requirements.