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Cambridge Quantum Releases World’s First Quantum Natural Language Processing Toolkit and Library

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Futurum Research’s principal analyst Daniel Newman covers Cambridge Quantum’s release of the first Quantum Natural Language Processing toolkit and library. The toolkit, called lambeq, is the world’s first software toolkit for QNLP that can convert sentences into a quantum circuit, which will open the doors for QNLP developers for unlimited possibilities.

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Wearables Are About Better Experiences, But Can They Stop Being Ugly? #MWC16

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It’s not that I don’t love the idea of better experiences. In fact, I love the idea. I’ve already given all of my privacy away by choosing application after application that undoubtedly hoards my data and sells it to the highest bidder. I am after all on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Slack and so many other “Free Applications.” But then …

4 Questions To Ask Before Implementing a Big Data Strategy

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Data streams are constantly flowing from the technology we use in our daily life. Phones, televisions, computers, credit cards and even sensor-equipped buildings are all contributing to the data stream. And all this data is not only growing in volume, but it’s growing at a monstrous speed, doubling in size every two years. It is predicted that the data we …

Live at #SocialShakeUp15 Tech and Tools Dominate Future of Marketing – #SMACTALK Episode 30

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In this week’s episode of SMACTalk (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud), Brian Fanzo and I discuss the growing importance that tools and technology are playing in the world of marketing. With Brian heading off to Social Shake Up, the annual Social Media Today event in Atlanta, we started pondering the biggest challenges that enterprises and business are having with marketing …

What’s driving the rise of cloud marketplaces?

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Every major tech company, distributor, and large SaaS provider is getting into the cloud marketplace game. And it’s only getting bigger. Analysts are positive that cloud computing will continue to grow in all areas, including software, hardware, IT outsourcing, and supporting the latest innovations.Forrester predicts the public cloud marketplace will reach $191 billion by 2020. This makes sense as cloud …

Always On World Means Tech Companies Need to Organize the Cloud

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What does an “always-on” world need? To make our hyper-connected world go round, it needs more mobility, data, access, tools, and collaboration. We live in an era of tools and apps. Accounting, email marketing, customer service, project management—literally every area of your business has access to apps to streamline business operation. As business becomes more demanding and complex, organizations fight …