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How Coronavirus COVID-19 is Driving Change in HR Operations

In Future of Work by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

Coronavirus COVID-19 is in many ways accelerating changes in the way we work that have already been happening. For HR leaders, coronavirus COVID-19 is driving significant change in HR operations that comes with its own set of challenges. HR ops has always been a gigantic responsibility within an organization, and we take a look here at how that responsibility has gotten even more critical.

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Amazon’s AWS MetroPlus Chatbot Delivered a Significant Assist to NYC Non-Profit Insurer

In Future of Work, Technology News by Sarah WallaceLeave a Comment

Amazon’s AWS MetroPlus chatbot program, developed free of charge by Amazon with project management help from Bain & Co., delivered a significant assist to a NYC-based non-profit insurer that continues to pay dividends now and into the future. Here’s the backstory there, and a look at how simple solutions like the one developed here often can have far-reaching benefits.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Presents Threat to Europe’s Tech Startup Scene

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Just as in every other part of the world, the coronavirus COVID-19 presents a threat to Europe’s tech startup scene. While some countries, like France and Germany, have really stepped up, there is not yet a comprehensive plan in place by the European Commission to afford greater, and more equitable protection. I believe it’s important to not only consider the cost of providing much-needed aid in a balanced way, but also the opportunity cost of not doing so. Here’s why.

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Telehealth and IoT Free Up Hospital Beds, Providing Value in Big Ways

In Technology News by Sarah WallaceLeave a Comment

Telehealth and the IoT are being put to good use in Seattle, freeing up hospital beds for more severe COVID-19 cases. This rapid transition to telehealth in a moment of necessity will show hospitals and healthcare providers that telehealth should be an integral part of their operations. Telehealth and IoT powered devices can deliver big benefits in treatment, monitoring, and even aftercare. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that this is the beginning of a new normal for healthcare.