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CES 2022: Intel Battles Rivals Harder with Launch of 12th Gen Intel Core Family of Mobile Processors

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Intel unveils the 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processors family at CES 2022 highlighted with the launch of eight new mobile H-series processors predicated on Intel’s performance hybrid architecture. Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why Intel’s new 12th Gen Core mobile processors raise the performance bar across the industry, advances laptop/desktop content creation workload optimization, and enables Intel to take the portfolio differentiation and marketing offensive against key foes AMD and Apple.

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CES 2020: Making Sense of the Glut of Innovation on Display

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AI was both a big “winner” and a big “loser” at CES 2020 this week. A winner because just about every vendor’s messaging touted AI as a key feature, but there are a few key reasons that that trend could be troublesome—and brands should take note. My prediction is that AI, though it will remain a core solution capability in coming years, will be a less salient feature in next year’s vendor messaging surrounding CES. Instead, we’ll be immersed in 5G mania. Here’s more on that front.

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#CES2015: It’s All About the Big Data [#Podcast]

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Sure Big Data isn’t a new topic. In fact the idea that we are making such a big deal about it is kind of funny because as enterprises we have been collecting, storing and inappropriately been using data for decades. Yes, we have more of it now, and more data means more challenges. However, our big data problem may not …

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Social, Mobile, Big Data and Cloud Converge Into Ubiquity

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About this post: This past week Brian Fanzo and I officially launched our Podcast “SMACtalk” live. This post was inspired by the conversation we are having on (S)ocial, (M)obile, (A)nalytics, and (C)loud. From covering the future of work to the most useful applications of technology for business, we believe these topics are compelling and we are so excited to have …