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Failing IoT Security Means Old Malware Makes IoT Comeback

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Failing IoT security measures have led to a resurgence of the Cornflicker worm, impacting IoT connected healthcare devices and others — and that’s not going to cut it in today’s internet-driven, everything-connected world. IoT devices, in the healthcare world and elsewhere, must treated just as carefully as employee computers, servers, and other devices. They must be connected to network security, continuously monitored and scanned, maintained by way of security patches, and updated on a regular basis. There should be no halfway measures here, in the healthcare industry or otherwise — security of IoT connected devices is too important to business operations and business continuity.

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Imperva Data Breach Has Consequences for CEO

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The Imperva data breach had serious consequences for CEO Chris Hylen, who has stepped down. This should get the attention of CEOs and senior leaders everywhere. Doing everything you can to create a business strategy with security at its core while also endeavoring to create a security first culture within the organization are business mission critical. Especially if you want to keep your job.