Palo Alto Networks Unveils Cloud NGFW for AWS, a Managed Firewall Service for AWS

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Cloud NGFW for AWS, a Managed Firewall Service for AWS

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Palo Alto Networks Unveils Cloud NGFW for AWS, a Managed Firewall Service for AWS

The News: This week, Palo Alto Networks announced Cloud NGFW for AWS, a managed firewall service developed specifically for AWS customers. The Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is designed to simplify securing AWS deployments while enabling organizations to innovate faster. Read the full Press Release from Palo Alto Networks here.

Palo Alto Networks Unveils Cloud NGFW for AWS, a Managed Firewall Service for AWS

Analyst Take: The news of the unveiling by Palo Alto Networks and AWS of Palo Alto’s new Cloud NGFW for AWS is likely welcome news for AWS customers, relieving them of the burden of managing their cloud network security infrastructure at a time when the competition for tech talent is at an all-time high. That, combined with the reality that the significant increase we’ve seen in cyber incidents is also at an all-time high, solutions that both mitigate risk and relieve IT teams of the burden of management are in demand. Cloud native network security that’s easy to deploy and which also provides the level of protection that Palo Alto Networks is known for makes this partnership offering something to get excited about.

Beyond the ability to integrate the service with AWS with a few simple clicks, because this firewall offering was jointly developed, Palo Alto Networks’ Cloud NGFW provides a native AWS experience, working easily and seamlessly within multiple AWS accounts and virtual private clouds (VPCs). In addition, Palo Alto Networks’ NGFW provides AWS customers with threat protection capabilities, which include the ability to stop known vulnerabilities, malware, and other command-and-control communications. Advanced URL filtering capabilities employs deep learning, helping thwart zero-day web threats and also provides an assist helping apps securely connect to web-based services. Cloud NGFW also allows the automation of workflows with templates (i.e. and API, Terraform, CloudFormation) that make it possible for the end-to-end automation of workflows.

Customers Want Fewer Things to Worry About — Managed Network Security Solutions Like Cloud NGFW Deliver on that Front

Bottom line, what customers are looking for today is less infrastructure rather than more. Managed cloud services, especially advanced security offerings, allow IT teams to focus on what they do best and let the experts worry about cybersecurity protection. This partnership between Palo Alto Networks and AWS on Cloud NGFW provides a much-needed service to AWS customers who, like customers everywhere, want simplicity, speed, and security. It’s also a significant win for Palo Alto in terms of adding a big credibility nod — after all AWS doesn’t partner with just any company — as well as expanding the company’s customer base in a significant way. Another smart partnership that makes a lot of sense.

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