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Kyndryl Viewpointe Win to Accelerate IT Modernization With Move to Azure Showcases Partnership Strategy

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Futurum Research Senior Analyst, Steven Dickens provides his take on the latest announcements coming out of Kyndryl on its multi-year relationship refresh with Viewpointe. The announcement from recently NYSE listed Kyndryl highlights the company’s ecosystem and strategic partnership focus evidenced by a shift to the Microsoft Azure stack.

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Qualcomm and Google Cloud Collaborate on Neural Architecture Search (NAS) to Power Connected Intelligent Edge

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Futurum Senior Analyst Olivier Blanchard highlights the just-announced Qualcomm-Google Cloud partnership aimed at accelerating neural network development for the connected intelligent edge. Blanchard explains how the partnership, which focuses on neural architecture search and brings Google Cloud’s Vertex AI NAS to Qualcomm’s powerful new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform, is expected to scale to high-growth mobile-adjacent segments like IoT, Automotive, and XR, essentially representing a significant forward leap in the development of the next fundamental technology layer: the connected intelligent edge. Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 platform is the first SOC to do this.

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Kyndryl and Microsoft Cloud Partner to Jointly Serve Enterprise Customers in First Deal Out of the Gate Post IBM Spinoff

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Futurum lead analyst Shelly Kramer shares thoughts on the recently announced global strategic alliance between Kyndryl and Microsoft Cloud. While it’s an impressive way to come out of the gate for Kyndryl immediately post IBM spinoff, more importantly, this strategic partnership is centered on both companies serving enterprise customers and facilitating the building and deployment of both cloud solutions, as well as addressing the need for augmented IT expertise at the enterprise level.

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Groq Turbocharges COVID Drug Discovery at Argonne National Laboratory

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Groq demonstrates its technology enabled the acceleration of compute timelines from days to seconds at Argonne National Laboratory in its COVID drug discovery initiative. Futurum’s Ron Westfall assesses why Groq potentially gains a significant sales and marketing boost from its Argonne National Laboratory collaboration, especially in demonstrating the Groq solutions performance advantage over established GPU products as well as potentially fulfilling compute acceleration for an expanding array of AI and machine learning use cases and missions.