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In Absence of Clarity, Chaos: How an Executive Order Focused on Technology Security Could end up Harming US Technology Leadership

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Before I begin, rest assured that this is not a political post. Please don’t read any partisan or political views into any of my arguments here. This post is meant to be an objective analysis of an executive order and its potential impact on technology markets. Now that my political disclaimer is out of the way, let’s begin. 1. Executive …

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The IoT, Qualcomm, and the path to a smarter, more connected world – Part 3

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In Part 1 of our series, we talked about how the IoT is already creating a fundamental shift in how consumers will soon think about their relationship with technology, and how Qualcomm is helping drive that future. In Part 2, we explored the four fundamental pillars of the platform thinking business model that has made technology-centric companies the new kings …