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Lego and Epic Games Are Taking the Metaverse to Children by Co-Building Immersive Digital Play Space for Kids – Is This a Move to Entice Grown-ups to Follow?

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Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss dives into the news that Lego and Fortnite’s Epic Games are collaborating with the aim of creating a safe and fun metaverse experience targeted to children. Weiss explores the possibility that this move is perhaps a tempting carrot to later bring adults into the cloudy metaverse mix, along with a look what other brands are doing as we navigate the nascent stages of the metaverse and what’s ahead.

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Microsoft’s Mesh for Teams is Microsoft’s Nod to the Metaverse

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The metaverse is clearly in the news of late, and it appears to be on pace to be one of the biggest trends of 2022. Futurum lead analyst Shelly Kramer covers the announcement out of Microsoft’s Ignite event of the launch of its Mesh for Teams, a new offering intended to blend the digital and physical worlds, expected to roll out to users in 2022, and offering insight on what this means for the future of the metaverse in the workplace.

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Microsoft Windows 11 — Focused on Ease, Productivity, and Creativity

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The Microsoft Windows 11 has finally, and officially, been confirmed by Microsoft, with the company promising availability as a free upgrade to Microsoft 10 users first, and available in the wild sometime in October, with new hardware running the OS. Futurum’s Shelly Kramer breaks down the nuances of the “next generation of Windows” announcement from Microsoft, clearly focused on ease, productivity, and creativity.

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Cisco WebexOne: Cisco Injects Webex with a Massive Dose of Exciting AI-powered Features

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At the Cisco WebexOne event, Cisco rolled out some exciting AI-based upgrades to Webex, suggesting more smart automation in the product’s future. Combine these newest enhancements with Cisco’s commitment to security across its ecosystem, and you’ve got a real winner. If Cisco wanted to show that it too could be one of the cool kids, mission accomplished!