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Lockheed Martin and Intel Show Why 5G is Vital to U.S. National Security

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Lockheed Martin and Intel are expanding their decade-long partnership to spur delivery of secure 5G.MIL solutions that target enabling swift, data-driven decisions by military commanders across key operational domains. Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why the enhanced Lockheed Martin and Intel partnership shows that 5G networks are integral to fulfilling U.S. national security and stable chipset supply chain objectives as well as strengthens Intel’s differentiation across the 5G ecosystem.

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New Futurum Research Report: Why Intel’s Portfolio Key to Powering Ecosystem-wide 5G Innovation

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In our research paper “Intel: 5G Trailblazer Powering 5G Ecosystem-wide Innovation”, we conclude that operator 5G decision makers must prioritize considering Intel as their primary trusted advisor in driving their 5G network journeys, since Intel provides the extensive portfolio capabilities and channel expertise (i.e., Intel Network Builders) across the most strategic 5G technology areas, such as network cloudification, 5G edge, 5G core, vRAN, and 5G ecosystem, needed to meet the highest priority 5G business objectives.

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Rakuten, NEC, and Intel Score 5G SA Core Breakthrough

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Rakuten Mobile, NEC, and Intel have attained a performance of 640 Gbps per server for the containerized User Plane Function (UPF) on the containerized 5G Standalone core network. Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why the demo strengthens the open model 5G credentials of the Rakuten, NEC, and Intel and how the 5G power trio can further advance the Open 5G cause.

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Intel is all in on 5G Networks

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Intel is set to alter the competitive landscape with debut of new 5G infrastructure products including the Intel Atom P5900 platform, 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, “Diamond Mesa”, Intel’s first next-generation structured ASIC for 5G network acceleration, and new Intel Ethernet 700 Series Network Adapter.