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Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Roll Out New Training and Certifications in a Move Designed to Enhance Channel Partner Offerings

In Cloud by Michael DiamondLeave a Comment

Futurum analyst Michael Diamond discusses recent announcements by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud around the roll out of additional training and certification programs, exploring why these programs are not only good for channel partners looking to transform their business models, they’re smart move for the hyperscalers as well.

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Google Cloud’s Retail Search Tool Geared Toward Helping Eliminate Cart Abandonment

In Cloud, Technology News by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

Futurum’s principal analyst Shelly Kramer explores Google Cloud’s announcement of the launch of its new Retail Search, a tool designed to help ecommerce retailers address and mitigate cart abandonment and level up on the customer experience front. In combination with Google Cloud’s other retail tools, this is a smart move for Google Cloud as it continues to try and gain traction in the cloud wars.

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Google Offices and Data Centers in the U.S. Share $9.5B in New Spending in 2022 as Google Expands Services and Pushes to Reach Carbon-Free Energy Usage Goals by 2030

In Sustainability by Todd R. WeissLeave a Comment

Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss looks at Google’s plan to spend $9.5B in 2022 to improve Google offices and data centers even as many employees still work from home, and to deploy critical facilities upgrades aimed at helping Google reach its corporate carbon-free energy use goals by 2030.