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German Court Ruling against Facebook Data Collection Practices a Possible Catalyst

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Last year, Facebook had been ordered to stop collecting and combining data across its various platforms without explicit user consent. This latest ruling in Karlsruhe effectively negates the stay granted by the Dusseldorf court, and requires Facebook to once again comply with the original order. This could well trigger a domino effect of regulatory action against Facebook in the EU and the US.

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Zoom, Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Pexip, Houseparty, and Facebook: With Summer Fast Approaching, the Video Conferencing War Begins to Heat up

In Collaboration, Technology News by Olivier Blanchard1 Comment

: Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, and Google are all seeing increased usage as video conferencing and collaboration has become the way business and work get done. As the video conferencing ecosystem grows and transforms over the course of the next year, and hot new entrants like Pexip begin to come to IT decision-makers with more flexibility than they are accustomed to, we could be looking at a far more even competitive field this time next year.

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Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency a No-Go in France

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Facebook Libra cryptocurrency a no-go in France as Finance Minister Le Maire takes a hard line against allowing the cryptocurrency to operate in Europe. With Libra Association hoping for a 2020 launch, with 100 members in its association before launch, watching other countries around the globe wrestle with the complexities here is of great interest to our team. Stay tuned.