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How Amazon is Going to Shake Up the Ad Industry

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Brands and their agencies bank on knowing their customers. After all, delivering a winning customer experience—a must for organizations that want to compete for consumers’ attention in this increasingly digital marketplace—is all about tailoring message and delivery. Understanding customer personas, habits, preferences, and tendencies is critical—this knowledge drives campaigns, sells products, and makes advertisers money. In short, it is the business of advertising. …

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6 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

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Video marketing is an integral addition to any digital marketing campaign. This comes as no surprise, considering that over 100 million people view online videos each day. As stated in an article we published on The Marketing Scope, video stats are booming, and are only poised to increase with every passing year. This year itself, online videos are predicted to …

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5 Change Management Steps for A Simpler Omnichannel Journey

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By: Ashley Chemtov, Content Marketing Coordinator, Jesta I.S. The world of retail has been revolutionized by omnichannel commerce, as what was once a buzzword has now become the industry standard. To remain competitive, retailers must link the physical store to the digital world for a connected shopping journey. While it’s clear that unified commerce is the backbone of a successful retail …

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Just How Techy Is Your Marketing Department?

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Technology isn’t just for your IT department. Marketing technology, or MarTech, is a hot topic, especially as organizations ready their 2017 budgets. Why should your business pay attention to the marketing automation trends for the coming year? Companies have access to an increasing amount of data about consumers, and applying that data via advanced applications like target account list building, …