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CMO Focus for 2019: What’s Ahead [Report]

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Marketing leaders are facing new challenges, with eight in ten considering their role has broadened, and more than one in four saying the changes have been significant. No surprise then that having the right talent to meet these challenges is the CMO focus for 2019, as they look to drive organic growth in their organizations. These conclusions come from the …

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6 Video Marketing Trends for 2017

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Video marketing is an integral addition to any digital marketing campaign. This comes as no surprise, considering that over 100 million people view online videos each day. As stated in an article we published on The Marketing Scope, video stats are booming, and are only poised to increase with every passing year. This year itself, online videos are predicted to …

Omni-Channel: The Critical Role Mobile Plays

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This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Omni-channel is a hot topic that’s getting a lot of attention these days from brands worldwide. And, why not? Buying has changed since the dawn of the omni-channel shopper. Today, it can take months for someone to decide to buy, a process that can connect them to …

Bringing Customers to the Center Requires Technology Foresight

In Technology by Daniel Newman2 Comments

We live in a world where there’s so much discussion going on about “customer centricity.” Brands are rethinking their strategies to become more customer-centric. While business is always about customers, putting them at the core of your digital strategy is now front and center. Empowered by Tech Due to endless access to the Internet, social, and mobile, today’s customers are …

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How to Win at Cross-Channel Marketing [Study]

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Never before have marketers had so much data available to them about the habits of consumers. Never before though have they struggled so much to make connected and meaningful sense of this treasure trove of information. That’s the headline from a new report that takes a snapshot of today’s cross-channel, multi-screen marketing landscape. The goal? To provide insight into the …

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For CMO or CIO, Being Future Ready Means Going Full Stack

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I’m pretty sure no CIO or chief marketing officer (CMO) would argue this fact: As digital technology has evolved, the worlds of IT and marketing have become even more complicated and intertwined. What were once separate functions in organizations, particularly large ones, have increased in complexity. Silos are falling, digital technology is no longer the sole bastion of the IT …

Why Social Data is Important for Social Business

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Today there is a wealth of information available for marketers in the form of diverse and rapidly multiplying data streams. This information is normally referred to as big data, but when it comes to learning about people online, I like to call it aggregation of social data. With more and more brands adopting the social business model, social data has …