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Intel Q2 2022: The Good, The Bad, and the CHIPS Act

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Futurum’s Daniel Newman and Ron Westfall examine Intel’s Q2 2022 financial results including the bad, the good, and the implications of the CHIPs Act passage. Intel’s CCG and DCAI units reported substantial declines that contributed directly to missing consensus outlooks related to its Q2 top-line and bottom-line expectations and revising full-year guidance, however progress in the NEX, AXG, and Mobileye units along with advancement of the CHIPs Act in the U.S. Congress indicate how Intel can mount a much-needed comeback before near-term and long-term.

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Marvell Injects New CXL Technology into Cloud-Optimized CXL Portfolio with Tanzanite Acquisition

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why Marvell’s acquisition of Tanzanite locks in Tanzanite’s Compute Express Link (CXL) technology and expertise that further bolsters Marvell’s CXL platform for cloud data centers. The deal follows on Marvell’s string of successful M&A deals, such as the Innovium and Inphi acquisitions, demonstrating its organization-wide ability to effectively use acquisitions to broaden its addressable market and boost overall competitiveness throughout key markets such as the cloud-optimized silicon market segment.

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Microsoft Launched Sustainable Data Center Region in Sweden Using Green Power

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Microsoft launched a sustainable data center region in Sweden that will be completely powered by carbon-free green energy. Futurum’s lead analyst Shelly Kramer breaks down this announcement and what it will mean for the region and the future of data storage along with the benefits this is intended to extend to customers in their own sustainability efforts.

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Why Edge Computing and Data Centers Must Work in Harmony

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Forget the speed of light. In today’s marketplace, it’s almost impossible for data itself to move fast enough to keep our businesses running. As Cole Crawford, CEO of Vapor IO, has said: “Speed of light sucks.” And since we haven’t yet developed a way to beat it, we have to find a way to outsmart it. Enter: the growing differentiation …

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Make 2018 the Year of Data Center Automation

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This year is predicted to be a huge year for technology, with many predictions focusing on big data and analytics. It’s clear that the growth of data has just begun. Perhaps the biggest gain when it comes to data this year, is the rise of data center automation and its many benefits. According to Cisco, there will be a 226% increase in …