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How to Derive Actionable Insights From Your Talent Recruitment Process Data

In Big Data by Steven WilliamsLeave a Comment

I recently published an article on LinkedIn discussing the need to move away from self-validated opinions when it comes to talent recruitment, talent acquisition, and talent attraction and the value that data can add to the talent recruitment process. In that article, I spoke about the role data plays in recruiting top talent and how to derive actionable insights from …

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Beyond the Hype: 5 Things to Ensure Success with IoT Implementation

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

IoT implementation can fulfill great promise and, if not done well, can bring great pain. Whether looking at remote monitoring or tasks like location and telemetry tracking, the ongoing networking of devices; vehicles, buildings – basically all of the things – is happening quickly. IoT projects of every description are only set to rise on the corporate to-do list. A …

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Big Data Segmentation and the Power of Small Data Analysis

In Big Data by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

While the Internet of Things (IoT) has caused many businesses to shift their focus toward big data, many forward-thinking individuals are considering the importance of small data. Big data analysis has obvious benefits, but early adopters of data segmentation and small data collection will reap long-term benefits. Do Not Forget About Small Data Digital transformation has, in part, been about …