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Cisco Nexus 400G: Delivering Ecosystem-wide Data Center Networking Innovation

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Futurum’s Daniel Newman and Ron Westfall join the Cisco Insider Network podcast to explore and analyze the capabilities and competitive benefits of the Cisco Nexus 400G solution and how it bolsters Cisco’s overall data center networking proposition, particularly in emerging 400G data center environments, as well as Cisco’s competitive edge in meeting customer data center 400G demands.

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Cisco Commits to Closing Digital Divide with Robust Rural Broadband Push

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Cisco’s rural broadband network solutions for services providers is fundamentally focused on closing the digital divide, a fast emerging imperative for government decision makers and all of society. The necessary move to more remote working and learning is proving that access to affordable, reliable internet access is essential to fulfilling the unique demands of rural communities in top-priority areas such as public safety, public health, education, and communications. Cisco is making the full business case warrant for rural communities to join the emerging digital workforce and ecosystem in order to survive and prosper.

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MEF SASE Services: MEF Enlarges MEF 3.0 to Define SASE Services, Dramatically Boosting SASE Cause

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The MEF’s prime objective of defining SASE instantly strengthens SASE’s prospects in quickly becoming a widely accepted, game-changing service by avoiding the pitfalls that have stymied other promising technologies and services due in good part to their lack of robust standards backing. The establishment of SASE standards are essential to providing certification testing, ensuring interoperability across the digital ecosystem and enabling service providers to avoid or minimize reliance on expensive proprietary solutions.