ServiceNow Knowledge 2022 Update: ServiceNow’s Workplace Indoor Mapping is Wayfinding Tech Designed to Improve the Hybrid Work Employee Experience

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The News: Coming out of ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2022 conference series in Vegas and Sydney last week, ServiceNow had some key announcements, one of which was focused on ServiceNow’s Workplace Indoor Mapping, wayfinding tech designed to improve the hybrid work employee experience. Read more from the ServiceNow blog here.

ServiceNow’s Workplace Indoor Mapping is Wayfinding Tech Designed to Improve the Hybrid Work Employee Experience

Analyst Take: There was a lot of interesting news coming out of ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2022 event last week, and one of the announcements that immediately caught my eye was news of ServiceNow’s Workplace Indoor Mapping, wayfinding technology designed to help employees find, and get, where they need to be, find and reserve desks, and more. As someone who is perpetually navigating unfamiliar places, wayfinding technology speaks to me in so many ways. And I’m pretty sure that in these days of hybrid work rapidly becoming a norm, this technology is going to be instrumental in delivering on the employee experience front.

Some specifics: ServiceNow’s Indoor Mapping is the result of the re-platforming of MapWize indoor mapping technology onto the Now Platform, allowing employers to invest in new physical experiences for employees under hybrid work conditions. This new wayfinding technology, integrated into the Now Platform in less than a year, is a powerful enhancement to ServiceNow’s impressive platform of technology solutions.

The increase in hybrid work arrangements poses unique challenges to employers, including how to engage employees off-site and how to offer on-site experiences that empower employees and increase productivity. ServiceNow’s indoor mapping technology helps managers design accurate and easy-to-follow floor plans that enable hybrid workers to navigate the spaces where they work. Hello helpful, goodbye awkward moments. You’re feeling me, aren’t you?

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ServiceNow’s Indoor Mapping Studio is pretty sweet. It includes the ability to create, edit, and deploy maps in real time, identify points of interest, and customize map designs to be consistent with an organization’s branding.

ServiceNow Continues to Improve Hybrid Work Technology

ServiceNow’s commitment to developing innovative workplace solutions is not new. And today, developing hybrid work solutions for its customers signifies that ServiceNow understands the enduring impact of the pandemic on work culture and employee experience and the role the company can play in facilitating change. And embracing employee experience from a solution standpoint plays an outsized role there.

While many leaders are interested in getting employees back into physical workplaces, not all employees are thrilled with RTO initiatives. Implementing changes that support wellness and engagement and showing employees in concrete ways that their experiences as they return to the workplace are important can play a key role in employee satisfaction, along with talent recruitment and talent retention efforts. The little things matter — like the ability to easily find their way around, reserve desks, and/or find nearby restaurants, train stations, and the like.

As organizations continue to implement changes to support employee wellness and engagement, solutions like ServiceNow Indoor Mapping will help them provide experiences that foster connectivity and productivity both in and out of the office. ServiceNow’s Workplace Delivery Service includes additional enhancements that enable employees to invite attendees to a reservation (and add equipment or catering services), bookmark favorite locations and set preferences, and create hybrid virtual/in-person meetings that engage on and off-site collaborators.

It’s hardly surprising that ServiceNow is leading innovation in hybrid work solutions — the company’s Now Platform is already a full suite of workplace solutions that continue to evolve as the nature of the workplace changes. The addition of indoor mapping technology through MapWize makes perfect sense, and I’m eager to hear feedback at some point down the line from customers using this technology. I have a feeling it’s going to be well-received, by employers and employees alike.

ServiceNow Indoor Mapping is available now.

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