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Will Mobile Data Use Drive Companies to IoT for Revenues?

In Mobility by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Today’s mobile devices are really fun-sized technology powerhouses, used for everything from gaming to staying active on social to keeping up with work while on the go. (Oh, and smartphones can even make calls, too, if anyone does that anymore.) These feature-packed devices use a ton of data, and it’s becoming increasingly economical for consumers to get more of it …

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Move HR to the Cloud and See the Difference: 5 Reasons to Switch

In Cloud by Meghan M. BiroLeave a Comment

Businesses are switching to the cloud faster than you can say, “I hate my filing cabinet,” and for good reason. Cloud technology can significantly improve a broad range of business processes. From the back office to the front desk, cloud technology is transforming the way we work–for the better. Take human resources. HR is seeing significantly positive results from switching …

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The Future of Personal Computing

In Technology by Daniel Newman1 Comment

What does “personal computing” mean to you? PC Mag defines it as “using desktop and laptop computers for personal use.” Let’s just say I approach that explanation with a bit of pause. After all, tech is my industry—I live and breathe it on a professional level, but I think sometimes those of us in this business often forget that we …

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Role of the Digital CIO: Lead, Challenge, Disrupt, Transform [Report]

In CIO/IT by Shelly Kramer2 Comments

It wasn’t that long ago that the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) was largely technical, dealing mainly with the delivery and maintenance of IT equipment. With the advent of the digital age, the CIO is beginning to take on a very different, and exponentially more strategic role. This role places them squarely at the center of the boardroom …

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Security Is a Must, But Is It Costing Productivity?

In Security by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

In past posts, I’ve discussed how important it is for companies to focus on their IT security strategy. When strategy becomes too rigid, however, employees pay the price. Accessibility issues create extra work for the help desk, slowing a company’s productivity. How do you balance security and productivity? The two don’t have to work against each other. You can protect …

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Beyond the Novelty of 3D Printing

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Once in a while, a technology comes along with the potential to be completely game changing: If you ask me, 3D printing presented that way and hasn’t let us down yet. It’s getting better—we’re about to see the technology evolve away from prototyping and into something much more revolutionary for a number of industries. Let’s go beyond the novelty of …

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Smarketing: Sales and Marketing Meets the Business of Growing Business

In Marketing by GuestLeave a Comment

As a result of the digital age, the line between sales and marketing has been dissolving for some time. Today’s customer base is more informed and empowered than ever before. Companies are paying more attention to how their marketing decisions affect those consumers at every stage of the buying process (not just in stand-alone sales or marketing pillars). What we’ve …

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Knowing What Really Sets Your Business Apart

In Business and Leadership by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Cloud and software are not only changing the way we do business, but also the way we think about IT and competitive advantage. In an effort to streamline efficiency, companies are now separating and outsourcing non-competitive processes. Of course, content and marketing are vital for any business, but further competitive processes depend on the particulars of your specific business needs …

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From Mobile Phones and Devices to True Mobility

In Mobility by Daniel Newman2 Comments

This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Nearly 30 years ago (yes, it’s been that long), people everywhere were awestruck about the first cordless phone. The ability to move while talking on the phone was the first step toward mastering mobility—a feat that has now totally revolutionized how the world operates. It’s no longer …

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How Mobile Technology Impacts the HR Industry

In Mobility by Meghan M. BiroLeave a Comment

We use mobile devices for nearly everything, from shopping and researching to scheduling our daily lives. In fact, more than 85 percent of U.S. Millennials own a smartphone and use it frequently throughout the day. Businesses are already optimizing their use of mobile technology to reach their customers, and to make their employees work lives more efficient, but there’s one …