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In Absence of Clarity, Chaos: How an Executive Order Focused on Technology Security Could end up Harming US Technology Leadership

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Before I begin, rest assured that this is not a political post. Please don’t read any partisan or political views into any of my arguments here. This post is meant to be an objective analysis of an executive order and its potential impact on technology markets. Now that my political disclaimer is out of the way, let’s begin. 1. Executive …

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How to Prioritize Innovation in the Workplace

In Future of Work by Matias RodsevichLeave a Comment

Today one of the key challenges most companies face is being able to scale rapidly while still keeping their innovative startup edge. Startups have less decision-makers, making it easier to take the risks needed to prioritize innovation in the workplace. As these companies start to grow, they often experience a downturn in innovation as management layers increase. In fact, many …

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8 Habits of Today’s Successful Digitally Transformed CMO

In Business and Leadership by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Last month, we wrote about redefining the role of today’s CIO. We want to do something similar—defining the new work habits of highly successful digitally transformed CMO. The role of the CMO has changed in the last few years—and many would say it’s changing for the better. Today’s CMO holds a powerful position in the c-suite, leading the digital transformation …

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Truly Intelligent Machines: The Impact of AI That Can Think

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Intelligent machines are one of the most controversial types of technology in development today. And I hate to break it to those of you who are concerned about the use of AI-powered robots, but intelligent machines aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they’re only getting smarter. Recently, leaders like IBM and Alphabet have been pushing AI to its outer limits, teaching it …

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3 Ways People Drive the Digital Transformation

In Digital Transformation by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Who is responsible for attracting top talent to your organization? Who creates your marketing campaigns and strategies for sales? Who interacts with customers on a daily basis? Your employees do. Employees are the lifeblood of business and yet we tend to forget what it would be like without them. We forget that even though we have technology for every task, …