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Poly’s Q1 FY2022 Earnings Reflect Trend Toward Hybrid Work Bodes Well, But There’s Work Ahead

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Futurum’s Steven Dickens provides his take on the Q1 FY2022 earnings results for Poly. With remote work driving the need for high quality audio and video solutions, Poly is well positioned to continue to ride the pandemic dynamic and continue its growth trajectory, provided supply chain issues continue to throw a wrench their way.

Exploring The Future of Real Time Collaboration

In Collaboration by Daniel Newman2 Comments

With the proliferation of cloud, mobile, and social, we are more capable than ever to connect and communicate in real time. However, with so much stimuli coming from so many different applications, connecting in real time isn’t always easy. As the demands for virtual collaboration increase in future, we need to continue to invest in ideas that allow companies and …

Cloud collaboration and the future of ad hoc real-time communication

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With new technologies and solutions arriving at our doorstep more frequently, there has been a seismic shift in the way we communicate as individuals, businesses, governments, and societies. Today, much of our business communication is built upon the foundation of scheduled meetings and calls. However, we are always connected via text, social, and mobile. When it comes to business, improving …

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Skype: Not a Replacement for Telepresence

In Technology by Daniel Newman5 Comments

In the position I am in, I see new technology come every day. With the arrival of new technology, often older products see the end of their life cycle, and eventually they  go extinct. The buzz word for this in the high tech world is “Disruptive” technology: The idea that new better, faster, and/or cheaper technology will quickly erode demand …