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Cradlepoint Sees the Point of 5G, SD-WAN, and Zero Trust Harmonization

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Exchange cloud-native solution provides the policy-driven, zero-trust capabilities that can augment emerging enterprise 5G experiences and WAN services with SD-WAN and Zero Trust through the flexible delivery of multiple SD-WAN and security services bolstered by the backing of Ericsson’s 5G portfolio expertise and global channel resources.

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Samsung’s AppStack Launch is a Boon to SMBs Seeking to Embrace Digital Transformation

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Samsung’s AppStack launch is a boon to SMBs seeking to embrace digital transformation. Solutions range from G Suite’s collaboration platform, to CRMs, time tracking, design, POS offerings, and more. AppStack is billed as a one stop, easy-to-manage, no-risk, lower cost technology solution and is an attractive offering. Now, comes the hard part — getting consumer attention and driving trial.

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Huawei on 5G: Asia-Pacific is the Early Pace Setter

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Huawei’s standing in the nascent worldwide 5G market is solid as it has secured over fifty 5G commercial contracts and shipped over 200,000 Massive MIMO AAUs. The timing of this update is critical as Huawei must contend with mounting geopolitical pressure to exclude its portfolio from a multitude of 5G network build-outs due primarily to national security concerns. Even with geopolitical restrictions and mounting concern over its supply chain stability, Huawei is fulfilling ongoing 5G customer demands.

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DOJ Weighs In To Halt FTC and Koh’s Questionable Ruling Against Qualcomm

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The DoJ has intervened to request a stay in the FTC ruling against Qualcomm, citing national security. This ruling against Qualcomm never made sense, and certainly did not make sense based upon what the FTC presented in its case. I feel strongly that the ruling will be paused to allow a deeper look on the security implications prior to the case being heard for appeal — it will be interesting to keep an eye on what happens next.

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In Absence of Clarity, Chaos: How an Executive Order Focused on Technology Security Could end up Harming US Technology Leadership

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Before I begin, rest assured that this is not a political post. Please don’t read any partisan or political views into any of my arguments here. This post is meant to be an objective analysis of an executive order and its potential impact on technology markets. Now that my political disclaimer is out of the way, let’s begin. 1. Executive …

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How Inclusion and Diversity Have a Big Impact on Global Mobility Programs [Report]

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It makes sense for any international company to maximize its performance by tapping into the largest talent pool available. Yet according to a recent report, while most do have Global Mobility Programs in place, many are falling short due to a failure to understand how inclusion and diversity impact global mobility programs. The report, Inclusion and Diversity: How Global Mobility …