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Dell Technologies World: Dell and Snowflake Seek to Simplify Data Access and Spur Insights in the Multi-cloud Era

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why the Dell and Snowflake alliance bolsters Dell’s overall multi-cloud vision and portfolio including increased flexibility for users operating throughout multi-cloud environments and fulfilling data workload optimization as well as how both partners can strengthen their alliance by putting more portfolio development and marketing emphasis on ML capabilities.

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AWS Provides Six Key New Reasons to Adopt and Use Amazon SageMaker

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AWS unveils six new Amazon SageMaker capabilities that aim to make machine learning technology more accessible to new users and boost adoption across the digital ecosystem. Futurum examines why the new Amazon SageMaker capabilities can enable AWS to empower more organizations and people to use ML by delivering comprehensive data preparation tools and developing streamlined and simplified ways to learn ML.

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MicroAI Debuts to Advance AI Edge Technology Across the Digital Ecosystem

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MircoAI debuts as the rebrand of One Tech, fueled by the mission to deliver personalized AI across edge endpoints using its edge-native AI technology that embeds ML into connected endpoints. Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why the overall MicroAI proposition, including MicroAI AtomML technology and new go-to-market products, can drive ecosystem-wide innovation of device-specific, personalized AI models that can advance predicted maintenance, IoT edge AI, endpoint device security capabilities as well as provide operational excellence for industrial manufacturing and processing applications.