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US Antitrust Action against Google Could Come Sooner than Expected

In Technology News by Olivier BlanchardLeave a Comment

At the heart of Google’s US antitrust troubles is the search giant’s staggering advantage in online search: Google processes roughly 90% of all online searches in the US. But there’s a difference between hypercompetitive behavior and anticompetitive behavior, and I believe that’s what this case is about. As this plays out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google rubbing up against the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent ruling in FTC vs. Qualcomm. Interesting times ahead, to be sure.

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5 Leadership Traits Required for Digital Transformation Success

In Business and Leadership by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Businesses are changing right before our eyes as the digital transformation takes place around the world. And yet many dinosaur leaders, as I like to call them, are still in these businesses risking extinction if they can’t adapt to this ever-changing environment. It’s true that leaders must be willing to accept change in order to remain competitive. However, I believe …

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Using the Power of People Analytics to Transform the Future of HR

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Big data is everywhere, even when it comes to people. In today’s market, employers aren’t just collecting data on how many of their employees have college degrees or professional certifications. They want to know how diverse their hiring practices are, how well their pay compares to others in the industry, which character traits perform best in which environments and how …

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Making Data-Backed Decisions

In Big Data by Daniel Newman1 Comment

It used to be that the best people in business seemed to have a gut instinct about the perfect deal. It was like magic, leaving all of us to wonder how we could sprinkle the same fairy dust on our own projects to be similarly successful. Fast forward a couple decades, and gut instincts are being replaced by hard data. …

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The Time for Data-Driven HR Is Now

In Big Data by Meghan M. BiroLeave a Comment

For decades, HR has lived by the adage, “Go with your gut”—trusting our instincts when it came to hiring decisions, recruiting, selecting perks and benefits, and even completing employee assessments. But today’s technology brings us something far more reliable on which to base the future of your company and the management of its most valuable resource: Big data. Data-driven HR …

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Welcome To The Human Data Center

In Big Data by Daniel Newman3 Comments

  It’s hard to believe but regardless of whether you are a boomer or a millennial, the average consumer spends almost 24 hours per week online. An entire day! Other than sleeping (for most of us), there may be nothing we do for more time in a given week than search, email, and browse the Internet. However, in a world …

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Big Data Rocks CES And We Didn’t Even Know It!

In Big Data by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Up and down the halls of CES, new and exciting items comprising “The Internet of Things” surround us. Tech geeks everywhere can rejoice as the next wave of tech we need, want and have no use for is brought to Las Vegas for human consumption. If there were one overarching theme for the show it would be that just about …

The Mobile Millennial Shifting Corporate Culture

In Mobility by Daniel Newman4 Comments

For today’s knowledge worker, the ultimate technology euphoria is complete mobility and ubiquitous data access. Since we live in a knowledge economy, great work can happen anywhere. Mobility enables this. Place our teams around the world, give us access to cloud collaboration tools and we will asynchronously move business forward; meeting when we have to, but collaborating at all times. …