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Lenovo Q1 2022-2023: Finding New Engines to Drive Growth and Profitability

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Futurum’s Daniel Newman and Ron Westfall examine Lenovo’s first quarter 2022/23 results that produced improved profitability and revenue for the ninth consecutive quarter and why Lenovo’s strategic vision, R&D prioritization, portfolio development commitments, and operations have enabled the company to make notable strides across its three main SSG, IFG, and IDG business units.

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Juniper Expands Cloud Metro Portfolio to Power Sustainable Business Growth

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall assesses why Juniper’s expanded Cloud Metro proposition, including new capabilities such as Paragon Automation as a Service and new ACX7000 product enhancements, is well-positioned to power CSP sustainable business growth objectives including the acceleration of 5G SA network builds, more intelligent flexible edge cloud hosting, and service experience innovation.

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Qualcomm Buys Cellwize in Move that Rapidly Boosts 5G Infrastructure Portfolio Credentials

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines why Qualcomm’s acquisition of Cellwize can swiftly elevate Qualcomm’s 5G infrastructure proposition by integrating Cellwize’s cloud-native, multi-vendor RAN automation technology across its extensive 5G silicon portfolio, using AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration capabilities to help spur mobile network operator deployments in areas such as private networks and Open RAN.

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$100 Billion High-Speed Broadband Bill Reintroduced by Rep James Clyburn Aimed at Closing the Digital Divide

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The $100 billion high speed broadband bill reintroduced by Rep James Clyburn is aimed at closing the digital divide. This is both timely and significant, as the FCC estimates at least 21 million Americans currently may not have access to high speed internet, including as many as 1 in 4 rural households and 1 in 3 households on tribal lands. This puts students and workers in those areas at a severe disadvantage through no fault of their own. That is the digital divide that H.R.1783 aims to correct over the next five years.

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FedEx New SenseAware ID Tracking System Arrives Just in Time for COVID Relief

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From an engineering standpoint, selecting the solution with the lowest power consumption and the smallest possible network footprint makes perfect sense, not just for Fedex but also for carriers, for whom bandwidth can often be a challenge. SenseAware ID should be able to provide the high level of value-add tracking that FedEx customers will find valuable while not monopolizing precious network resources.