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Fast Food Robotics Pilot Project Helps Jack in the Box Burger Chain Fill Challenging Staffing Shortages in Tight Labor Market Using Robotic Fryers and Drink Machines

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Futurum analyst Todd R. Weiss analyzes how burger chain Jack in the Box is conducting a fast food robotics pilot project to try to fill challenging staffing shortages in a tight labor market through the use of robotic fryers and drink machines to better serve hungry customers.

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NVIDIA Innovations, Enhancements in NVIDIA Omniverse, Digital Twins and Industrial Robotics Technologies Are Driving New Possibilities for Enterprises

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Futurum Research analyst Todd R. Weiss takes an in-depth look at NVIDIA’s GTC 2022 news, including the company’s bold enhancements to its Omniverse simulation and modeling platform, its digital twin capabilities, and its industrial robotics products and services showing the continual out-of-the box thinking that we’ve become accustomed to seeing from NVIDIA’s developers, engineers, and innovators.