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The Samsung Brand is Engulfed in Flames—Is Your Brand Next

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It’s not uncommon to see brands in the headlines. Sometimes it’s for their successes—like when LinkedIn came around and allowed influencers to post short videos or when Facebook Messenger took a dive into chatbots. Sometimes it’s for making major organizational shifts—like when Oracle purchased NetSuite, giving a $9.3 billion nod to cloud and stepping out of its enterprise-only approach. Sometimes, though, it’s for all the wrong reasons—like when the …

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6 Ways To Turn Your Small Business Into A Media Hub

In Marketing by Daniel Newman7 Comments

Over the past few years you may have noticed a change in the way you are consuming content. With more and more large companies looking to find ways to connect to their ideal consumer there has been a shift in the way content is being developed and shared. In the early days of the Internet the web was pretty simple …

Cloud Cappuccino: Why SMB’s Should Think Cloud Computing

In Cloud by Daniel Newman4 Comments

An Entrepreneurial Approach To Emerging Tech For any small or midsize business owner, the costs of doing business are every bit as important as the revenues created. With sometimes-limited buying power, it has to be this way because small upticks in volume rarely yield great decreases in cost. Over the past decade, technology has been as disruptive as ever to …

How Digital Signage Drives Marketing ROI

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For most retailers the idea of digital signage leads to two things: 1) Lots of interest because consumers expect technology as part of their shopping experience. 2) Discomfort due to the struggle to measure the return on investment. For companies selling digital signage, it is about moving a product and service to help our clients meet a need, however with so much growth …